RESOL is a design-build company with a focus on renewable energy projects.

The philosophy behind every project we undertake is to deliver a solution that meets the real needs of the client, is resource efficient, and whose business case will continue to hold not only during planning but even after implementation.


Private Sector Renewable Energy Award

We designed and installed a 600 KW rooftop photo-voltaic solar system that won the Private Sector Renewable Energy Award in 2015


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Business Case

The process of feasibility, sizing and risk quantification is important for the project. Oversized or undersized systems will result in a poor return on investment and a low net present value.


We assist our clients with strategy, compliance and tax planning as part of reducing the overall project cost. Our in-house logistics team allows us to significantly reduce the overall construction time by optimizing our supply chain.

Design Construction

This is an integral part of the process. Part of our mandate is to mitigate risks that may delay the project or introduce cost overruns.


As stipulated in the Energy (Solar Photo-voltaic Systems) Regulations, 2012, all solar PV systems require to be certified by the Energy Regulatory Commission before they can be commissioned.

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